Cooking Tip of the Week: Pasta

Did you know there is over 500 different types of Pasta?

Neither did I until I was looking up new Pasta recipes to try and came across a name I hadn’t heard before – orecchiette – which is actually just a small pasta shell!

Pasta is such a great family meal. It’s rare to find someone in the house that won’t eat it. Because it’s so versatile, healthy, economical, and easy to prepare it’s become a favourite in households worldwide! The only thing you’re limited to is your creativity!

With new variations of pasta being introduced (such as whole wheat and whole grain for example) I’m sure that the amount of Pasta types will only increase over the years!


When trying to cook your pasta ‘Al Dente’ – forget the timing! The recommended timing on the back of the your pasta packet is just an estimate and will vary greatly depending on the amount of pasta you are cooking, the amount of water, the water temperature, the size of the pot and how hot the flame is! The best way is to keep a close eye on your pasta and taste test it to check it’s ready every time you cook!


One response to “Cooking Tip of the Week: Pasta

  1. i couldn’t live without pasta.. but have to admit i definitely haven’t tried all 5o0 types.. maybe about 7 or 8?

    my new years resolution: try more types of pasta!

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