Five Tips for Cooking your Christmas Turkey!


Christmas is coming! If you’re cooking a Turkey for the first time – or even if you’re a cooking pro with more Christmas recipes than Santa, here’s five tips to a perfect roast turkey!

1. Be Prepared!
Thaw the turkey plenty of time in advance, then remove all body cavities (and the giblets!) before you do anything.

2. Always Preheat!
Make sure the oven is preheated before the turkey goes anywhere near it! Thats about 170° C or 325° F for a conventional oven.

3. Start Stuffing – it’s now or never!

While you’re waiting for the oven to heat, Get a roasting pan and place the turkey breast side up. Carefully fill the inside of the turkey with the stuffing.

4. Thermometer Time!

Always make sure the thermometer is not touching bone when you insert it into your turkey. Place it firmly into the thickest part of the thigh.

5. Get Roasting!

Leave your turkey to cook. The meat thermometer needs to reach around 85 C or 180 F before it’s ready. The stuffing should reach 70° C or 165° F before you remove from oven and get ready to enjoy your Christmas cooking creations!


4 responses to “Five Tips for Cooking your Christmas Turkey!

  1. Great tips!

    Do you know anywhere online where you can buy a meat thermometer in time for Christmas?

  2. @jess
    surely you have a local cooking store filled with great saucepans, knifes and cooking accessories? I sure do and my hubby won’t let me go near it with the credit card!

    I wouldn’t risk getting one online incase it didnt arrive in time…

  3. looking for a really good tried and tested stuffing recipe – do you know one??

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