Low Fat Christmas Cooking

Christmas is certainly a time of over-indulgence! None of us like those extra pounds that appear long after we’ve eaten the turkey – but we just can’t seem to avoid them! This year, how about just using a few tricks to make your Christmas recipes and dinner a little healthier!

  • Nibbles: stack your Christmas table with fresh and dried fruits and natural nuts and pass on the heavily salted and roasted variety.
  • Main Dishes: Low fat versions of butters and margarines can be used when cooking, as well as cutting down the amount of fat you use in the actual christmas recipes.
  • Side Dishes: Cook loads of vegetables, and to make them that extra bit healthier – steam them instead and serve them plain. Find a couple of interesting salad recipes for something light – and don’t drench them with dressings!
  • Sauces: Heavy cream based sauces are always higher in calories than vegetable and fruit based sauces, so why not try making a healthy vegetable salsa or sauce, or apple sauce instead!
  • Deserts: cooked apples and pears stuffed with raisins, spices and a splash of wine are low fat and delicious – a bit like an apple pie but without the pastry!

So heres to a low fat Xmas and not starting the new year with a few extra pounds!


2 responses to “Low Fat Christmas Cooking

  1. Thought I’d add that fresh veges with low fat dip or salsa also mzake really good nibbles on christmas day – and plus you’ll be filling yourself up with the healthy stuff before the fatty stuff has even come out of the oven!!

  2. oh my god – a low fat xmas? now that would be the best xmas present from santa! great ideas btw.

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