Need Help Setting A Beautiful Christmas Table

Christmas meal setting

Hosting a Christmas dinner party for your family and friends can be quite a task…especially knowing that you have to cook a big enough turkey with the right recipes, get the setting right and most importantly making your guests feel welcome, ensuring that this Christmas will be memorable to them for all the right reasons.

Here are a few tips that will make your Christmas dinner event go without any hitches:

Use an Impressive Tablecloth

This is a basic rule that everyone must follow and get right! First, use an impressive tablecloth with a table runner, place mats and napkins as you never know who who could leave pieces of turkey all over the table!. Another good tip is try using Christmas themed prints and avoid giving your table a busy look as the table may have cramped look and guests will be thinking ‘where is the food going to go?’ Finally, always keep attention focused on your centerpiece, which is your brilliantly cooked Christmas meal.

Use Appropriate and Stylish Cutlery

White plates are always in style. The best thing about white cutlery is that you can dress them up with lots of Christmas themed accessories which will give that casual or playful look. Its good to have a relaxed environment without being too formal, so having a Christmas theme set on your table will definitely lighten the mood. You can also try mixing colors and styles which always adds interest and looks very pretty.

Small Gifts

What will really get your guests happy and in the Christmas spirit, will be neatly placed small gifts placed on the table. Christmas gift ideas can be be Christmas ornaments, Christmas sweets, peanuts or other imaginative gifts.


The Centrepiece

The centerpiece must compliment the table. Even if you want to be creative in how you make the centrepiece, you should in any case remember to avoid certain common mistakes:

1. avoid compositions which are too high because they can block the view of the diners

2. the centerpiece must not be too big for the table

3. then there’s the container which holds the centerpiece: it will be better to use a low and unnoticeable container, or if it is visible see that it goes well with your creative table decorations.

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