Top 6 Healthy Cooking Tips For The New Year


If you are looking to start the new year off with a healthy beginning, here are a few healthy cooking tips to help you along the way!

1. Use lots of herbs, vegetables, tomatoes, fat-free or low-fat sauces or healthy salad dressings, this is particularly important if you have high blood pressure, high cholesterol or diabetes.

2. When you cook once, prepare several other healthy meals at the same time. A good tip is to Freeze them and have a ready made healthy meal for the next time you are simply too tired or lazy to prepare a meal

3. There are a whole range of healthy smoothies that are available on the market. A smoothie can cover a range of important nutritional needs. To make a healthy and tasty smoothie, put loads of fruit such as bananas, apples, kiwis and peaches which you can keep in the freezer for weeks into your blender, also use some orange or any other fruit juice (tropical tends to work very well!) and some low-fat yogurt. The great thing is you can get at least 5 servings of fruit in one glass of delicious home made milkshake. are easy, cool, refreshing and very healthy.

4. Keep a look out for ‘low-sodium’ vegetables or try the frozen section in your supermarket. It is always important to compare the sodium content on the Nutrition labels of similar foods you come across while you are out shopping. To maintain a healthy lifestyle it is always important to choose products with low sodium content.
5. If you want to treat yourself by Preparing muffins and delicious breads with less fat and fewer calories. Use 3 or 4 ripe, very well mashed bananas, instead of butter, lard, oil or substitute one cup of apple sauce per one cup of these fats.

6. Choose wholemeal as part of a healthy diet and leave out high carbohydrates such as white bread. Use wholemeal flour or oatmeal. Wholemeal flour can be substituted for up to 1/2 of all-purpose flour. A good example is if a recipe asks for 2 cups of flour, try 1 cup of wholemeal flour and 1 cup minus 1 tablespoon whole-wheat flour.


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