5 Quick Tips On Cleaning Your Kitchen After Your Meal


Now your done cooking that traditional family recipe, theres nothing more important than seeing your kitchen back to how it was before, by using simple and effective cleaning techniques which is important in terms of hygiene. Raw meat, poultry, fish and other raw foods can cross-contaminate foods that have come into contact.

After handling these foods such as raw meat and fish always wash your hands using anti bacterial hand wash, also wash and wipe down utensils and surfaces thoroughly before preparing food, especially cooked and ready-to-eat foods.

Here are 5 great tips on how to have a very hygienic kitchen:

1. Use separate cloths and/or sponges while cleaning; one very good tip is to make very good use of disposable cloths which are very cheap to buy. If you are going to be using a standard cloth, wash it in soap and hot water and then place in a disinfectant, rinse thoroughly and allow to dry.

2. Keep all food cupboards clean and tidy. When you take cans of beans or peas from the cupboard to prepare your lovely recipes, wipe over the tops first with a damp cloth to remove any dust and germs.

3. If you are preparing food fit for an army, for example a family meal. It is always important to take off your watch, rings, bracelets and any other jewellery as well as washing your hands with a good anti bacterial hand wash before you start.

4. Cover all cuts, burns and sores and change any bandages or plasters that are beginning to loose their stick. Whats more important is to pay attention to any open wounds on hands, fingers and arms.

5. Store food correctly to find out how to store your food correctly, follow the manufacturers guidelines and check the ‘Use By’ dates which are usually located at the back of food packets. Also keep your food covered.


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