Who said Noodles Cant Be Healthy?


For such lazy times! You can digg out your favourite packet of instant noodles and turn it into a complete and nutritional noodle meal which will make a quick and easy dinner!

It is always handy to keep some instant noodles at home as they’re a good quick meal when you’re just too busy to cook a heavy meal. However, with some creativity, you can always make a bowl of noodles into a healthy meal!

Try adding these healthy ingredients:


Search your fridge for some healthy greens such as lettuce, mushrooms or carrots. If you don’t keep fresh food in your house, stock up, so you can toss them into the noodles.

Dried food:

You can soak a few dried mushrooms or dried soy bean skin in with your noodles for instant added nutrition.


Meat can be a very tasty ingredient to add with your noodles Meat can also come in handy if you have nothing to cook but need the added protein!


Eggs are a great addition to alot of recipes. To make your noodles that extra bit tastier, scramble 1 or 2 eggs with black pepper and mix it with your noodles!


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