Give An Old Recipe A Twist!


We all love the old recipes that come from family tradition or cookbook favourites. Sometimes preparing or eating those recipes become boring, unexciting, predictable, or just fall into the plain ole’ “get-the-dinner out the way” mode. So, why not give them a twist. Try some of these suggestions.

Add Berries to Oatmeal Cookies

Follow your usual oatmeal cookies and instead of just adding raisins, add a mixture of raisins, dried raspberries, cranberries, currants, and even cherries. The cookies turn out moister, chewier, and fruitier. They still taste like oatmeal cookies but with an extra surprise. You can purchase dried mixed fruit like the above and other different varieties.

Fried Potatoes with a French Flare

Go ahead and fry up those potatoes for breakfast or maybe even for dinner, but this time sprinkle a little tarragon over your potatoes. It really does give it a delightful and different flavour. The spice is similar to anise or liquorice. Don’t add a lot because it is definitely potent, and you don’t want it to overpower the potatoes. You just want to give it a hint of special flavour—a kind of French flavour.

Dilly-up Your Devilled Eggs

Another one of my cooking tips is if you like eggs, most likely you adore devilled eggs. It is hard to stop at just one. Throw a dash of dill weed/ground seeds in your creamy filling. This will surely surprise your senses, and you’ll be grabbing more than one egg for yourself or you will egg others on to try this tasty little treat.


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